There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.
Idowu Koyenikan
After realising the need for a more solid foundation towards the community development of Lower Molweni, prayers and lots of meetings led to the birth of the S’yakhula Early Childhood Development Training Centre in 2014. 

Our main focus is on working with caregivers guiding them on how to stimulate children emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically and how to make the home a conducive place for learning.

Early Childhood Development
S'yakhula ECD Training Centre
Our motto is “Learning through play” which encourages caregivers to use a fun, relaxed and play oriented approach in the development of young children as it keeps them directly involved and enthusiastic. Our programmes range from Parenting Groups which sees young mothers and their children meet once a week in a classroom like environment where children get to learn in the company of a familiar face to an NQF Level 4 ECD training which enrols a group of teachers from local ECD centres. 

Other programmes include: 
  • An early literacy project where we have home visitors who visit different homes working with families on the early stimulation of babies and toddlers 
  • A homework club for local primary school children from Grade R (Grade 0 - year before Grade 1) ​– Grade 3 
  • BusyBallers which is a physical development programme for creches (Kindergarten day care)​.
  • ECD workshops with jobseekers at the St Agnes Employment Bureau 
  • Formal training for ECD practitioners to an acredited level NQF4 (equivalent to High School Grade 12) 
  • Toy library which is a little haven for the little one. Parents and children get to visit and loan out toys just like how a normal library would operate. The great thing is we get to first play with the toys together to encourage the parents to play with the children at home. Our one rule is "There has to be at least one book with every toy loan" 
  • The Homework Club also allows us a chance to bring our reading club to life as each child has to spend some time reading before moving to the Toy Library after completing their homework. We encourage more isiZulu book reading so they can master their home language.
Whatever allows us a chance to learn through play…we’re game!

We are a fun filled programme that offers what is important to young people in a fun creative way, we are looking to Develop and motivate the youth of Molweni so that they will not get involved in the negative things but rather be involved with the positive that they might take interest in. 

We are a youth development programme that focuses on the following areas:

Youth Development
Leth'kukhanya Youth Development
We have our under 13, under 15 and under 17 boys team that train on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, they normally play against other teams on Saturday.
We do life skill from Grade 7 to Grade 9.
We have girls and boys from Tholulwazi High school who form part of our drama team
We do the leadership training for the Prefects and SRC members.
We have solo singers and a choir
We have our under 17 girls team and our under 17 boys team, they usually participate in tournaments on Sunday
We do youth talks for all the learners at Tholulwazi but are looking to take it to the post Matric youth.
We have learners who are gifted in this field and we help in improving their skill
We had a netball team last year that we had a challenge continuing with when one of our volunteers left. We have 2 new volunteers who will be helping us with Netball this year.
We are involved with it from the Grade 6 level to Grade 9.
We have boys and girls who some times join together to do one choreography
We go to the primary schools that we work with, which are Bazamile and Lamula, on Fridays to have a fun time with the Grade 5 – 7 learners.
Activities for learners during June and December holidays for the Primary schools in our community hall.
We have 3 Computer centres, based at three schools - 2 Primary (Bazamile and Lamula) and 1 High (Tholulwazi) in Molweni Valley. The largest centre is located at the Philangethemba campus (adjacent to Tholulwazi), also serves to train members of the community on Saturdays. Our mission is to enable the community of Molweni Valley to cross the digital divide and be equipped with this essential skill. The programmes we offer are aligned with the ICT sector within the South African national school curriculum. These tie in with the classroom themes and topics that are being taught by the class teacher which means that the learners can consolidate academic themes, skills and topics covered in class whilst mastering computer basic skills. Having this excellent facility on campus allows anyone involved with any other Philangethemba program (for example in our ECD program) to improve their computer literacy through ad hoc training arranged around their programs.